The Company has arranged the employees to participate in internal seminars. the named as Team Building & Walk Rally in 2018 at Baan Mai Tara Resort and Water Sports, Klong Kone, Samut Songkhram on May 26, 2018.
The Company has arrange the Super SAMARTs Trainers teamed up to train the company’s employees.
This seminar aims to work successful with creativity and technology. Which is present’s technology is packed into machines or tools and makes it easy to work.
The important thing is Creativity to bring technology to the application to work in the organization to achieve the goal together.

  • Team Building activities start with to make the team familiarity together and with to make activities to do together. By latent the concepts in the activities.
    For example
    1. to solve the knot of a rope tied between the head and the member
    2. to bring the ball through the hands of all members in the group as quickly as possible
    3. to set the paper to the highest possible by limiting both the device and time.
  • And continue with the Walk Rally activities that requires both the power, the mind and the trust. To achieve the goal in the checkpoint each. And to compete with other teams, such as
    1. the members help to jump up and break the balloons by a needle on a device that called a horse to have members are ride two side then to jump up together for the needle on the horse head break the balloons as much as possible,
    2. the members help to hold the end of the rope that tie the wood plate to using it to transport the ball on the wood plate put in to the box,
    3. the members help to support one of team to catch the ball across the side which distants is fit the hand reach.

Finally, the summary of activities. This activities helps the employees to improve teamwork by concept from the activities each to achieve the goal together.